A Plane Without It on the M6 : successful take-Off for the series, adapted from Michel Bussi

Three series were battling it out this Tuesday night on the French tv channels : “The lethal Weapon” on TF1, “Red Shadows” on C8 and the novelty “A Plane Without It” on M6. Which came top ? Emilie de la HOSSERAYE / M6 If the M6 is not the leader of the evening of Tuesday, she ranks in the second position of the hearings and what is not so often. Thus, the mini-series in 4 episodes on A Plane Without It, adapted from the best-selling Michel Bussi, starts rather well, nearly 3 million curious on the average on the first two episodes. The audience share on the global audience reached 14.5% and up to 17.6% on the target women responsible for purchases. It is better that the last launch date for a fictional French on M6 : Dad or Mom had seduced and 1.8 million viewers last December. In head, we find The lethal Weapon series, including the season 3 continues in front of 3.7 million faithful, representing a market share of 17.8% (24.2 on the household). A small disappointment for the French channel TF1 who lost 140 000 viewers a week and is found at a level a little low. Found far behind the saga of The Red Shadows, which ended on C8 in front of 590 000 for a rate of 2.7%. If the series is stable compared to the previous week, it is still well below the launch that had seduced 800 000 curious. The hope of a season 2 seems to be moving away…

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