13 Reasons Why : the shooting of season 3 is finished

The filming of season 3 of “13 Reasons Why” was completed at the end of last week according to Alisha Boe, the interpreter of Jessica. Thus leaving hope for a possible launch of these new episodes on Netflix by this summer. Beth Dubber/Netflix Commissioned last June by Netflix, season 3 of 13 Reasons Why is, of course, surrounded by the greatest mystery, and they are likely to know not much more about the plot of this new salvo of episodes before its release, expected in the current year, without more details. But one thing is certain : the filming of this third season, which began in August, was completed at the end of last week according to several messages posted on social networks, including this tweet from the actor Alisha Boe : Wrapped season 3 today of @13ReasonsWhy and nervous/excited for you guys to see what we’ve been working on the last 6 months ❤️— Alisha Boe (@AlishaBoe) February 16, 2019 “I finished filming the 3rd season of 13 Reasons Why today and I’m nervous/excited at the idea that you discover what we’ve been working on over the last six months,” wrote the performer Jessica on Twitter Friday. If it is based on the fact that the filming of season 2 of 13 Reasons Why was completed in December 2017, and this second batch is arriving on may 18, 2018 on Netflix, so there is hope see the arrival of the season 3 of here this summer, but it remains of course to be confirmed. Fans of the series adapted from the successful novel of Jay Asher can in any case expect a new season is quite different from the previous two since the chapter “Hannah” seems to be well and truly closed (Katherine Langford might not even appear at all in season 3). But Clay (Dylan Minnette), Justin (Brandon Flynn), Jessica, Zach (Ross Butler), and the other will be them still in the game, and there is every reason to believe that the consequences of the cliffhanger end of season 2 (to Tyler) and the pregnancy of one of the secondary characters will be at the centre of these new episodes. And, according to recent statements by Dylan Minnette, could well be among the best in the series. That is, it must be said, rather salivate. i know i never really tweet about 13 reasons why but i gotta say some of these last few scripts of season 3 are the show’s best. alright that’s all👋— Dylan Minnette (@dylanminnette) January 8, 2019 (“I know I just tweet rarely about 13 Reasons Why but I have to say that some of the final scripts of season 3 are among the best in the series. That’s about all.”).